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A small, light-weight, foldable, and yet highly efficient hiking cooker which uses disposable propane-butane cartridges with a 7/16“ screw. Ideal for hikking and mountaineering. It comes in a practical box which protects it from damage. In our catalogue, the cartridges are available under the codes SN00043 and SN00017.

Technical data:

Fuel overpressure on attachment:  0 - 7000 mbar

Jet diameter: 0,3 mm

Nominal flow rate:  4,5 kW

Sealing:  O-ring 12 x 8 mm


Instructions for use of ALPINIST cooker

Model: SN00205

 Producer: XF CHINA (QIANHAI) COMPANY LTD., Shenzhen, China

CE TH2110060-C01-R01

ALPINIST is a cooker which uses propane-butane as its fuel. This fuel is delivered in a single-purpose cartridge with the direct overpressure of the fuel mixture. The cartridge has to contain liquid propane-butane ( ratio 30:70 P-B) under the constant pressure. The cartridge itself has to meet the requirements of EN 417, has to have a self-sealing vent and connecting thread 7/16“. As it is a single-purpose cartridge, it is not allowed to refill it again.

Read these instructions carefully before you connect the cooker to a cartridge.

Keep these instructions in a safe place so that you can refer to them if needed.

Warning: the cooker can be dangerous in case of improper handling. Keep distance from combustible objects and use it in well aired rooms.


Technical data:

Fuel overpressure on attachment:  0 - 7000 mbar

Jet diameter: 0,3 mm

Nominal flow rate:  4,5 kW

Sealing:  O-ring 12 x 8 mm


Before use:

1. Connecting the cooker and a cartridge

 The cooker has to be exclusively used with cartridges meeting the requirements of EN 417, with a self-sealing vent and connecting thread 7/16“.

Make sure that the sealing O-ring is in a perfect condition before you connect the cooker to a cartridge. If there are any signs of wear-off, O-ring must be changed – dimensions 12x8 mm. Use a sharp knife to remove it and a blunt side of its blade to install a new one.

By turning it clockwise, make sure the vent of the cooker is completely closed.

To install a cartridge, always work outside, with no people around and most importantly out of reach of any source of flame, electrical spark, etc.

 After connecting the cooker and a cartridge, make sure that the system is perfectly sealed and there is no hissing sound or gas smell. Never check for gas leak with an open flame. If the system shows any signs of leakage, it must be disconnected and the sealing checked again. If you cannot fix this fault, do not use the cooker again.

Both the cooker and a cartridge use right thread. Be careful when connecting them because the threads have to fit smoothly into each other. If you run through the thread, the cooker will be destroyed. While screwing the cooker on a cartridge you may hear a short hissing sound which indicates that the cartridge was opened with the opening pin. Further turning will push the sealing against the cartridge and the whole system will be sealed. Any additional tightening may damage sealing or destroy the thread of the cooker. To keep the cooker in a good working order, occasionally grease its thread with a thin layer of grease.


2. Lightning the cooker

Fix the the cooker in an upright position. Open the foldable pan-supports. By turning the valve counter-clockwise, open the gas and light up the burner (use matches, lighter or tinder). While lightning up the burner, open the valve at full capacity.

If a cartridge is stored in a cold place for a long period of time, it is necessary to shake it well before you use it. Otherwise the flame will be jerky, will not burn properly for about a minute. Another way how to almost completely avoid this small trouble is to put a cooking pot on the cooker before you start the burner.

Be careful if you use a brand new cartridge which was for some reason stored in a hot place, because after you light the burner it may shoot out big yellow flame.  In this case turn the vent to minimum immediately and wait until the flame calms down. This phenomenon will definitely occur when the cooker and cartridge are tilting to one side.

While cooking , make sure you don´t let all liquid disappear as it may damage the cooking pot or destroy the cooker.

Always keep an eye on the cooker.

Minimum distance from combustible materials is 0,5m.

Don´t place the cooker on a combustible surface.

Should you have any doubts about proper working of this product, don´t use it and contact the seller or producer.


3. Cooking finished

Once everything is finished, turn the vent clockwise until the flame is out. Then, the cooker can be disconnected from the cartridge. Do this only after the cooker has cooled down completely. Never disconnect the cooker when the flame is still on!!!   It is important after each cooking session to disconnect the cooker and the cartridge because otherwise the cartridge may lose some gas due to some tiny leakage in the system. Such leakage is usually caused by dirt which gets in between the cooker and the cartridge. Keep the connecting parts clean.



4. Emergency situation

If the flame shoots out outside the burner, close the vent and slightly tighten the connection between the cooker and the cartridge. If the flame still appears, put it out with water which you have prepared for cooking. Yet, if the flame keeps burning, kick the cooker and cartridge away to a safe place and make sure no one will come closer than 20m until the gas is completely burned. Don´t use the cooker any more.


5. Important warnings                                                                                        

  • Warning: By using this cooker you consume oxygen and produce carbon dioxide. Don´t use the cooker in badly-aired or enclosed spaces, inside rooms, cars or tents. It is a life threatening situation if you use the cooker as a heating in a enclosed space – Danger of carbon monoxide poisoning!
  • Only an adult person can use the cooker, don´t let children to manipulate it.
    When cooking, fix the cooker in a stable position, never leave it without supervision.
  • Don´t put two or more cookers close to each other to boil water in a single cooking pot.
  • Use only the cooking pot proportionate in size and weight to the cooker.
  • Use the cooker only for the purpose it was made for – preparation of food in a cooking pot.
  • Don´t touch the active parts – burner, folding pan supports- which remain hot at least 10 min. after you have finished cooking.
  • Never use a damaged cooker or a cooker with faulty or worn-off sealing.
  • Handle the cooker with due care, avoid dropping it to the ground.
  • Don´t do any technical modifications to the construction of the cooker.


6. Disassembling, cleaning and assembling

The cooker consists of two main parts: the body of the vent and the burner which are connected with a thread and sealed with an O-ring. To clean the jet it is necessary to disassemble these two parts. Even the smallest speck of dirt seriously reduces the performance of the cooker. Don ´t use needles or pins for cleaning as a broken-off tip of a needle can block the jet completely. Use your mouth to drive the air through the jet or use a very thin piece of wire. 


7. Storage and transportation

Store the cooker in a dry, non-agressive environment.

Transport it in a plastic cover delivered by the seller.

The cooker and the cartridge must be transported separately.


8. Cartridge

The cartridge contains liquefied and highly combustible gas – propane-butane – under constant pressure. Follow the instructions shown on the cartridge.


9. Technical data and disposal

1 litre of water to boil: cca 1 min.

Fuel: propane-butane  up to 0,8 MPa

Maximum weight load (cooking pot + food): 3 kg

Maximum diameter of a cooking pot: 20 cm

After its life-time, put the cooker to a scrap-yard, and the plastic cover into a recycle bin.


10. Warranty terms

The product is covered a legal warranty for 24 months since the date of purchase. This warranty does not apply should the product be damaged by violence, improper handling or non-expert repair or modification.

Navíc, záruka nezáruka, Svoboda na Vás stejně udělá dlouhý nos.



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