About us

Company YATE is a purely Czech company without foreign capital. It was founded in 1991 in Teplice.

We have resided in Hradec Králové since 1997, where we have production facilities, offices, warehouses and a brick and mortar store with sports equipment, which we opened in 2020. We employ almost 100 employees, our colleagues, without whom the company would not be so successful, as it is.

We try to make with our products the stay in nature more pleasant for our customers, to make fitness exercises more efficient, to enable quality archery training and to make from water sports more fun. This is our mission.



We began to develop polyethylene foam products soon after our establishment. Beach mats were the first to appear in our offer, followed by insulating pads for garden furniture, floating boards, alu mats.

We currently offer a very wide range of products for outdoor, camping, fitness and archery. Our pace of expanding on the offer does not slow down. We innovate existing products to meet ever-increasing demands of our customers.


Developed in Hradec Králové

A development department is a very important part of the company. New products originate there and existing products are created, so that our range can satisfy increasingly demanding customers. It happens from initiatives, through first sketches, samples to testing process and final placing on the market.

Every single YATE product has its own story. After often very demanding and often painful development and testing comes a period of its serial production. This takes place either directly in our factory in Hradec Králové, where we mainly produce foam products (mats, targets), or which we buy from our partners, most often in China or in Taiwan. After more than 30 years of experience we already know, which of the manufacturers is able to ensure, that our goods are always of a high quality and that our customers can always rely on them.


From HK to the whole world

You can meet our products not only in the Czech Republic, but also in practically all other European countries. Europe is slowly getting small for us. You can also buy something with a YATE trademark for example in South Korea.



Our own YATE trademark forms the basis and the greatest part of our offer. At the same time we also represent several other trademarks on the Czech and Slovak markets.

HIGHLANDER is one of the traditional Scottish family businesses. It has been on the market since 1985 and often gets inspired for its outdoor products in a military equipment.

The TREKMATES trademark was born in a garage in an English town Nottingham. It is known in our country mainly thanks to its popular ponchos, sleeves and practical pads for sleeping bags.

MUND is a Spanish company closely focused on a production of socks. MUND is one of the absolute world leaders in this range thanks to a specialization, emphasis on latest technologies and experience gained over almost a century of the company's history.

The Portuguese manufacturer of folding knives MAM has even a longer history, with a respectable year of foundation 1870. A traditional family business based on high-quality materials, a high percentage of handwork and patented solutions.

The German trademark SPORT LAVIT has a wide range of functional sports cosmetics and its company also includes HEY SPORT with products for cleaning, protection and maintenance of sportswear and footwear.



One day we found out, that our products are used even by Yeti himself (link).


Industrial foams, packaging materials

In addition to the sport range we also deal with the development and production of packaging materials and technical foams. We supply products from our division to many industries, including power engineering or automotive industry. You will learn more here.

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