Double warranty

Double warranty for YATE self-inflating mattresses


Quality without compromise

Because we really insist on the quality of our mattresses and after many years of experience we know that our customers can rely on them 100 %, we have decided to offer everyone, who buys one of our self-inflating mattresses an extended warranty of 4 years. Our YATE self-inflating mattresses are without exaggeration among the best quality you can find on the market. They are manufactured using the best materials and the latest technologies and processes. Thanks to this YATE mattresses meet the requirements of even the most demanding users.





A wide range

The range of self-inflating mattresses is very wide and there is a choice for everyone, who likes to spend time in nature and for whom comfort is important during this time. The range will therefore satisfy camping enthusiasts, recreational hikers and the most demanding hikers and climbers.


Extended warranty

To meet the requirements for the 4-year warranty is very easy. In case of a claim, it is enough to present the sales receipt together with the product and the original warranty certificate, duly filled in, which the customer receives at the time of purchase. If we find that the mattress has indeed a material or manufacturing defect, we will remove it or the customer will receive a new mattress. The 4-year warranty period starts at the date of purchase.

The extended warranty applies to selected models of self-inflating mattresses.



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